Are you planning some educational trips abroad?

We’ll match your company with local agencies, companies, organisations, schools, etc. All in line with your wishes. For local authorities, county councils, dental surgeries, companies and organisations that want to connect with European colleagues and business intelligence in some of Europe’s most dynamic and popular towns and cities.

BIG Travel Grupp & Konferens has a wide network and many years’ professional experience in many European towns and cities. We specialise in educational trips and conference travel to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Dublin, Lisbon and London. Allow us to inspire you with a few samples of themes that groups have studied in the last year – what does your group want to study and be inspired by?


Leadership in times of crisis – how do you manage and motivate your staff in times of severe cuts?
Meeting with the director of one of Spain’s most prestigious hospitals, who has received awards for his coaching and humanistic management style
Providing leadership to Generation Y
Visit to Everis and HR director Jordi Serrano, well-known Spanish HR personality, who explains how the company manages to attract, employ and hold on to the young talent that IT companies compete for.
Industry-related educational trips
Our dentists describe the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems and what we can learn from one another.
Integration and diversity
Alienation – how does a town or city tackle increased segregation?
Visit to the multicultural district of Zuid-Oost in Amsterdam
Transformation of a marginalised district
Visit to 22@ in Barcelona, a successful project where there is a mix of start-ups and high-technology companies in a multicultural area of the city

Transport and communications

El túnel de Sagrera – exciting visit underground to the highly-publicised tunnel, a gigantic project that will soon have the high-speed train between Barcelona and Paris running through it.

Environment and sustainability

Climate change – how does a town or city solve the problems of increased rainfall?
Visit to Clabsa – Barcelona’s rainwater collection tanks network
Smart City – how a growing town or city uses information and communications technology to achieve smarter management of its resources
Visit to Amsterdam city – a good example of a “smart city”
Visit to Sant Cugat municipality – Smart City pilot project – Smart Street