Rome – the eternal city.

So the old saying goes, and it certainly feels as though Rome has always been there and will always continue to be there. Rome has nearly 3,000 years on its clock, and it has so many memories to offer that it takes an eternity to discover them all!

Rome has the most fantastic ancient and cultural monuments: the Colosseum, Pantheon and Forum Romanum. For many people, Michelangelo’s world-famous masterpiece, the ceiling paintings in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, is a dream that must be seen – and experienced. These preserved treasures strike visitors with such wonder and amazement that it’s impossible not to want to come back again.

Day 1:

07.15 – Departure for Rome.
14.30 – On arrival at Rome airport, we are met by our Swedish-speaking guide.
14.45 – Private transfer to the Ripa Hotel ****, a very centrally situated, modern hotel in the oldest and most picturesque part of Rome.
16.00 – Full-group conference session and afternoon coffee break at the hotel.
19.30 – We take a short walk to the Corsetti restaurant in the old Trastevere quarter. We have a delicious dinner prepared with local produce in a rustic setting.

Day 2:

07.30 – Large breakfast buffet at the Ripa Hotel.
08.00 – After breakfast, we go on an excursion out into the countryside with our local guide, go on a bike ride or relax at a yoga session.
13.00 – After the tour, there is free time for shopping and lunch in Rome.
20.00 – We meet up at the hotel to have dinner together at the Ristorante Checco er Carettiere where we enjoy typical Italian delicacies.

Day 3:

07.30 – Breakfast
08.00 – Full-group conference session with morning coffee break.
10.30 – Our guide meets us at the hotel for our transfer to the airport.
12.40 – Departure for Sweden.